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  1. As a landlord, you can earn minimun twice more money from renting one room.
  2. Average rental price on other sites for 1 room flat - 350 euro per month.
  3. Make 200 EUR/room/week by renting your flat using ORHIDI platform.

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How does it work?

1. Create landlord account

You will get an access to huge community of our erotic models, who are your future possible partners.
  1. Make sure you have invitation code .
    If so, then go to register page .
  2. Choose landlord account type.
    This account type also allow you to add information about places, such as: strip clubs / sauna clubs, etc...
  3. Fill in all required fields, and press "JOIN ORHIDI.COM" button.
    Note, that ... email and phone entered on register page will not be visible anywhere on website. You will be able to provide public contact information later.

2. Create your offer.

Please, make sure that you select proper type of the Place.
Your visibility on the map is dependent on place type.
  1. Navigate to places management tab into your account. And click on "Add new place" rectangle.
  2. Select the proper type of the Place: "Flat for rent"
    Your visibility on the map is dependent on the type of place you choose
  3. Click on the: "Add place" button
    Now you are able to setup all details about your offer.

3. Fill in required information.

Please, be precise and descriptive as much as possible.
Detailed information about your flat is key to successfull rents.
  1. Specify correct address of the flat and additional information.
    Please, be precise and descriptive as possible. Make sure that every models will be able to find your flat
  2. Upload your main picture and additional images.
    Remember, that good quality pictures always attract more peoples.

    Note, that gallery images will be visible only for registered users. But main picture visible for everyone.


We answer here to the most frequent questions regarding renting options for escort models

  1. You are easily able to contact the landlord or owner by sending him a message over the platform. Just press the “message button”, write your text and press send! Feel free to ask all service and proceeding questions regarding the accommodation, the interior and about the payment. The message will reach the landlord / owner instantly. Apart from this the owner will get notified via push note.
  2. The payment for your accommodation proceeds over ORHIDI.com. With multiple options for payment - from major credit cards, paypal, debit card to instant transfer - to give you the most comfortable billing experience. The open amount for accommodations will be firstly transferred to an ORHIDI.com deposit before we will finish operating the process fast, reliable and securely and automatically deduct the commission for an successful procurement.
  3. Given that the whole process including the money transfer, is provided by us - will make it much more safer and faster due to our billing standards - you will not be needed to trust the landlord with the transaction. The newest software solutions for billing and the correspondent security certificates will make you able to relax, sit back and let us do the work!
  4. Every landlord / owner of ORHIDI.com underlies a ranking system of user reviews that come from live experience - like with other platforms you are able to trust the “social proof” of our reviews and the authentic feedback of a former visitor with the accommodation and the landlord. As a landlord / owner of a accommodation you have to rely on such customer reviews on ORHIDI.com - or live with less acquisition. So take your time to scroll through the reviews and paint your own picture to evaluate the accommodation for your travelling needs!
  5. Definitely. Exercising prostitution is permissible in principle as well as totally legal. Since the “Prostitutional Law” of 2001, prostitution will not longer be contra bonos mores and thus will only be illegal in off-limit-areas (§ 184f, StGB). That is why you do not have worry about the judicial base of renting your accommodation to models - we will take care of this and even provide you with an advocate and our experience accumulated over years!